Social Warfare: the Ultimate Social Sharing Plugin for WordPress

Social Warfare: the Ultimate Social Sharing Plugin for WordPress

Social media sharing buttons are a must on every blog/website & Social Warfare is the ultimate tool for anyone who’s using WordPress and wants to drive more shares and traffic.

After trying many social media sharing plugin on WordPress, I came across Social Warfare plugin through Google+ and it didn’t take long before I was convinced about purchasing it. Its beautiful design, recommendations by WordPress community, and knowing one the co-founders and the quality of his work (Dustin Stout from Google+) were the main reasons that pushed me in the direction of paying for another premium social sharing plugin after purchasing Elegant Theme’s Monarch plugin and this one did not disappoint!


I’ve used different social sharing plugins on my WordPress websites. Not just the free ones, but premiums as well, such as Elegant Themes’ Monarch, which is quite good compared to many others on the market. But even compared to Monarch, Social Warfare is on the whole other level, and speed is one of the main factors.

A WordPress plugin that does not slow down your website has to be a good one, and Social Warfare does not slow it down. Actually, it’s usually the one plugin that appears with the main content. This is a very important point for many different reasons from SEO to user experience on your website.


Personally, I’ve always liked Dustin Stout‘s designs. I think he’s really good; and yes, he’s the guy behind Social Warfare’s design. Social Warfare has a sleek design with a swift movement. Another great point about its design is that it stays up-to-date.

I remember when Google redesigned its logo back in September 2015, it didn’t take Social Warfare long to update the buttons with GooglePlus’s new logo – unlike many other plugins, which still use Google’s 90s logo! (Yes, it’s geeky, but to many of us and our audience, this is important!)

In addition to its keeping up with the latest trends of design, Social Warfare does not limit you to just one design, it actually offers you six designs with customisable colours.

Twitter Share Count

Share counts matter. From both an analytical point of view and as social proof. When Twitter weirdly decided to remove its share count, Social Warfare didn’t just accept that. Its team worked hard and brought the share counts back!

Sharable Quotes (ClickToTweet)

Another great feature of Social Warfare is Shareable Quotes or ClickToTweet. I can explain it to you or I can show you one:

[clickToTweet tweet=”Twitter Share Count is still here; Thanks to @WarfarePlugins” quote=”Twitter Share Count is still here; Thanks to Social Warfare Plugin!” theme=”style5″]


Like many other handy tools in WordPress, Social Warfare has a shortcode that you can place anywhere you want. It can be both the social sharing button and the Sharable Quotes!

Mobile Responsive

With the rise of mobile devices, it’s essential that your website is optimised for mobile. You also need to have you social sharing buttons on for people who visit your website through their mobile devices and Social Warfare has got you covered in this as well. It looks as great on mobile as it does on the desktop.

Built-in Integration

If you care about your brand, there’s a good chance you use branded short links. is one of the main providers of that and Social Warfare has the integration with built right in. Even if you’re not using branded short links, you can still use’s own shortened links as it gives you analytical power and a more professional look.

Share Count Recovery

Social Warfare plugin also allows the recovery of social share counts when switching permalink structures or going from HTTP to HTTPS protocol. This comes quite useful since nobody likes to lose stuff they’ve worked for just because they want to improve them!

Other Features of Social Warfare Plugin

As a premium WordPress plugin, Social Warfare’s features do not end here. Other features such as Frame Buster, Popular Posts widget, Custom Pinterest Image, and Floating Sharing Buttons are some of its other feature that you will get with the plugin for only $29 per year.

In addition to all these features, a great feature Social Warfare has is that unlike many plugins, it’s in active development with full – and awesome – support. Something you don’t always get that, right?


Since the introduction of the version 2.2, Social Warfare has a standalone free plugin and all the premium features come in the form of a separate “Pro” add-on, which you can [thirstylink linkid=”1635″ linktext=”download here” class=”thirstylink” title=”Social Warfare Social Sharing WordPress Plugin”].


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